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Mr Alan Charlton

British Embassy
Setor de Embaixadas Sul
Quadra 801, Lote 8
CEP 70408-900
Brasilia - DF, Brazil

(55) (61) 3329-2300

(55) (61) 3329-2369


Office Hours
Mon-Thurs: 1130-1945
(lunch break: 1530-1630)
Fri: 1130 - 1930
(lunch break: 1530-1630)

Local Time:
Mon-Thurs: 0830 - 1645
(lunch break: 1230-1330)
Friday: 0830 - 1630
(lunch break: 1230-1330)

Other Locations

Besides the main diplomatic
mission - British Embassy,
located in Brasilia
- the
British Diplomatic mission
is formed by the Consulates
General at Rio de Janeiro, 
São Paulo, and Recife
12 Honorary Consulates wide
spread throughout the country.

For more information on the
Embassy's other locations,
please click here

The Embassy

The Embassy in Brasilia is the main British diplomatic mission in Brazil. Located in the capital of the country, it is responsible for all aspects of the bilateral relationship with Brazil.

Under Ambassador Alan Charlton's leadership, the Embassy has a staff of more than 60 professionals - among them, British and local employees - who work in the following areas: government to government relations, consular assistance, commercial relations and project development in association with Brazilian institutions.

How They Can Help

Posts in the British diplomatic mission in Brazil have different priorities.

  • The British Embassy is the main mission in the country responsible for the bilateral relations between UK and Brazil, and leads the delivery of the four policy priorities.

  • The British Consulate General in São Paulo is mainly dedicated to one of the FCO's essential services: supporting the British economy.

  • The British Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro is focused on the other two essential services: supporting British nationals abroad and supporting managed migration for Britain.

  • The Consular Network across Brazil works in support of the activities of the three main British posts in Brazil.

Learn more about the areas each post covers by visiting the UK in Brazil website

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