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Small businesses can go further by exporting to Brazil

One international market hat should be considered more by small businesses looking to expand is Brazil. In the past decade, Brazil has become one of the fastest growing emerging markets. It has the largest economy in Latin America and the seventh largest in the world; in 2012, it overtook the UK in the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) World Economic League Table.

The prime minister, David Cameron, travelled to Brazil in September and came back encouraging UK businesses to boost their exports to the country. According to UKTI, the government agency charged with increasing exports, Brazil is one of the world's most rapidly developing economies with a GDP per head greater than China.

For small companies, Brazil has lots to offer. It will host two of the world's largest sporting events in the next four years; the Fifa World Cup in 2014 and the summer Olympics in 2016. The accompanying investment in new infrastructure must lead to new business and partnership opportunities.

However, as with any business venture, it is essential that entrepreneurs understand the dynamics of the business environment of the market which they are targeting. Here are a few things to consider when looking at breaking into the Brazilian market:

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