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Souza Cruz S.A.
Head Office
Zip Code 20091-900
Rua da Candelária, 66
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Tel: 55 (21) 3849-9000
Fax: 55 (21) 3849-9643

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Founded in April 1903 in Rio de Janeiro by a Portuguese immigrant, Albino Souza Cruz, the company is involved in the entire production cycle, from growing and processing tobacco to the manufacture and distribution of cigarettes.

The unchallenged leader of the Brazilian cigarette market, Souza Cruz is a subsidiary of British American Tobacco, the most international tobacco group, with brands sold in 180 countries.

Who we are

Souza Cruz is a leading player in the social and environmental fields.

Souza Cruz is the market leader in Brazil. We produce about 72 billion cigarettes per year.

Six of the ten top-selling brands of cigarette in Brazil are ours, giving us 61,0 per cent share of the Brazilian market.

We are involved in the entire production cycle, from growing and processing tobacco to the manufacture and distribution of cigarettes. Souza Cruz directly services 300,000 retailers throughout the country in nearly five thousand cities and towns.

There are about 30,000 tobacco growers working with Souza Cruz who receive technical assistance from the company. Besides processing tobacco for the manufacture of our own brands of cigarettes for the domestic market, Souza Cruz's integrated production system also produces over 96,000 tons of tobacco for export to more than 60 countries on five continents.

Production chain

Cigarettes sold by Souza Cruz are the result of a complex production process in which all the stages are integrated.

One thing that makes this company different is the use of state-of-the-art technology at all stages of the production chain, guaranteeing the quality of the final product.


The main purpose of its communications is to provide guidance for people who have already taken the decision to smoke.

Souza Cruz, and all companies of the British American Tobacco group, direct their marketing activities in accordance with global principles. The Group's main beliefs on this subject are:

• British American Tobacco and its companies comply with all laws and follow all principles defined in a code of self-regulation in marketing. These principles establish, for example, that our promotional activities and advertising shall be directed at adult smokers, that no claims of health shall be made regarding tobacco products, and other rules. Within this line of conduct, Souza Cruz, together with the other companies of the British American Tobacco group, participate in the worldwide commitment established in the International Marketing Standards, the original version of which can be accessed at the site

• The company agrees that tobacco products should not be marketed to minors under 18 years of age. These products can only be communicated to adults who are already smokers, in a reasonable way that takes health risks into account. The company believes that adults who chose to smoke should receive information about what they buy and that the companies should be able to communicate responsibly about their brands.

• All marketing actions should be aimed at adult consumers who smoke. The British American Tobacco companies invest effort and attention to understand consumers' preferences and, just as adults make informed choices about smoking, these same adult smokers make informed choices about which brands to smoke.


Sustainability is a commitment of Souza Cruz. We believe we can achieve better economic results in the long term by adopting socially responsible stances and practices.

In order to define the company's standards of behaviour and beliefs, three Business Principles were established: Mutual Benefit, Responsible Product Management and Good Business Conduct. Each of these is supported by values that explain their significance in detail, laying the foundations on which Souza Cruz administers all its operations. They encompass the main factors that are the basis for Souza Cruz's approach to corporate social responsibility and are aligned with the values that express the company's culture: Diversity, Open Mind, Entrepreneurial Spirit and Freedom through Responsibility.

Corporate social responsibility is a hallmark of Souza Cruz. For more than a century, it has participated effectively in outreach, educational and environmental projects. From supporting campaigns to implementing its own projects, Souza Cruz has steadily extended the scope of its social activities, and as Brazilian society is maturing, it is confident that it has built a consistent action model.

Souza Cruz is keenly aware of major global issues related to social responsibility. It was among the first 500 corporations to sign the Global Compact, a United Nations treaty that establishes ten principles of labour, anti-corruption, environmental protection and human rights, which must be followed by organisations striving for a better world. The signatory companies agree to submit annual Progress Reports, listing their actions underway that are aligned with the principles of this Compact.

Souza Cruz is also committed to disseminating the Millennium Declaration that was approved by the United Nations in September 2000. The Millennium Declaration lists a set of eight Development Goals to be achieved by countries by 2015 through specific actions undertaken by governments and society in order to ensure the sustainability of the planet.

Souza Cruz in numbers:

  • 7.4 thousand employees

  • 240 thousand jobs generated in the productive chain

  • 3 environmental parks, 310ha environmental preservation area

  • 95% of the waste is recycled

  • 60% of the product delivery packaging gets re-used

  • 60% of the power matrix is renewable

  • 3 reforestation farms to produce firewood, used as power source

  • 100% of the sewage from the plants is treated and 31% is re-used

  • 85% of the CO emissions are neutralized, and the remainder is compensated with environmental practices in preservation areas, environmental and reforestation parks